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with character, historic flavor, a sense of tradition,
and just simply pretty.

Something different and special, at affordable prices.

Thistlebee's Privacy Policy

Thistlebees totally respects your privacy.

In this day and age when privacy seems ever harder to protect, the last thing we want when doing business via the internet, is someone passing on our information to third parties. We (Thistlebees) are aggressively intent on keeping your information on our books, and our books only.

To do business we of course will probably require not only your email address, but also your telephone number. If we make something for you and ship it then also we will have your mailing address. All this remains with us and only us - and that's a promise. Integrity is a fast fading commodity but one we value highly and endevor to implement.

Please us to inquire and include "Thistlebees" in your subject line to help us with spam spotting!