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Something different and special, at affordable prices.

About Thistlebees

Thistlebees began in 2003, started and run by Bonnie, the owner.  The enterprise is essentially a one person operation although her husband runs the web site aspect of things since launching this site three years ago. It is now a showcase of work both past and present and hopefully will provide a good feel for what is done.

Cloaks were very much the early speciality (see our "Pot Pourri" page of assorted past work) - but we have moved on considerably with many hats of distinction, chemises and partlets now being made ''in house'' at our small cottage dwelling in South Central Pennsylvania. We sell on eBay and a search there for "Thistlebees" will turn up our current pages which depending on the time of year may be more or less. In fact you might well go read our eBay feedback pages where you will see our garments are well received. More recently we have also started showing items on Etsy which we hope to use more over time - another useful route to communicating with us.

We are essentially ''Renaissance'' in flavor but in fact this includes many other potential categories. Such as - "Celtic", "Fantasy Costumes", "Hippy", Gothic", "Bohemian", and "Civil War" - to name but a few!

Thistlebees hats have become much more varied in design, ranging from the plain basic varieties through to more complex designs as well as many now receiving embroidery. Partlets and chemises also have grown in output with embroidery again playing an important role.

Due to the numbers of images we now have, some categories are split into more than one page, plus sub divisions according to type.

Subject to fabric choices and availablity, we can very likely make it for you if you have some idea you wish to see implemented. Please us to inquire and include "Thistlebees" in your subject line to help us with spam spotting! Our turnaround time depends on factors such as the season, communication and, availability of a chosen fabric.

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