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Thistlebee's Designs - Some Examples.

Thistlebees Image Written by Kim Brody Salazar, writing as Ianthé d'Averoigne, this book (click on the thumbnail on the left to enlarge and see caption publishing information), includes nearly 200 Period patterns plus fascinating historical details. Thistlebees has been inspired by some of those designs and attribution is given where appropriate in relevant picture enlargements, appearing by permission, to be seen throughout the site.

Below picture samples are a partial selection of Blackwork embroidery designs we have available. If you don't see what you need listed, simply send us a picture of what you would like and we'll do our best to accommodate you, as it is possible for us to digitize designs. These may all be done in the Thread Color of your choice. Also, be sure to browse through the pictures on the website. Many designs are shown!

Please us to inquire and include "Thistlebees" in your subject line to help us with spam spotting!


How to View Pictures
We hope you will enjoy our presentation of pictures, and here is all you need to know ...

Place the mouse cursor over a thumbnail image below and left click to open the full size version. Depending on your connection speed there may be a small loading delay the first time you open any one picture.

Once open - you can click/hold on it to drag to another screen position or simply click to close. While open however, you may use your cursor arrow keys to browse through left or right in sequence through the page thumbnails.
Thistlebees Image
"Acanthus Meandering". Plate#44(2). ©1995 Kim Brody Salazar.
Thistlebees Image
"Briar Rose". Plate#51(1). ©1995 Kim Brody Salazar.
Thistlebees Image
"Columbine Border Meandering 1624". Plate#57(3). ©1995 Kim Brody Salazar.
Thistlebees Image
"Geometric Cross Border Repeat With Gold Metallic Thread Filling". Plate#45(2).
©1995 Kim Brody Salazar.
Thistlebees Image
"Geometric Cross Border Repeat With Silver Metallic Thread Filling". Plate#45(3).
©1995 Kim Brody Salazar.
Thistlebees Image
"Geometric Cross Border Repeat". Plate#45(2). ©1995 Kim Brody Salazar.
Thistlebees Image
"Fruits and Vegetables"
Plethorapix Fractal
"Thistleclover in Color"
Thistlebees Image
"Pomegranate Acanthus 1540". Plate#63(1) ©1995 Kim Brody Salazar.
Thistlebees Image
"Celtic Ivy"
Thistlebees Image
"Sweet Peas"
Thistlebees Image
"Flowing Acorns"
Plethorapix Fractal
"My Celtic Knot"
Thistlebees Image
"Geometric Cross and Diamond Repeat, Beaded". Plate#45(1). ©1995 Kim Brody Salazar.
Plethorapix Fractal
Thistlebees - Chemise-Cuffs "Celtic Circle 4"

Blackwork Embroidery Designs Options

(Some designs have links to picture examples)

Acorns Pom Leaves Cowslip
Cowslip embroidery design, with banded collar
Henry VIII Peas
Anna Meyer Dress Designs Curling Feathers Italian Fleurs Pemberton
Gathered Pemberton Collar
Double Border Box Meandering Carnation Floral Pentagram
Floral Pentagram design
Jacobean Birds
Elizabethan - Little Birds
Pine Thistle
Double Border Meandering Lily Flowing Acorns
"Flowering Acorn"
Jacobean Flowers Ren Fleurs
Elizabethan adjustable - Ren-Fleurs
Double Border Meandering Small Flower and
Large Framed Flower Border
Flowers and Chain
Elizabethan Bongrace - Flowers and Chain
Jane Seymour
Seymour Gathered Collar
Scrolling Fleurs
Soft hat - Scrolling Fleurs
Berries and Flowers
Elizabethan - Berries and Flowers
Geometric Rose Leaves and Berries
Soft hat - Leaves and Berries
Scrolling Lilies and Center
Cotton Muslin without cuff.
Embroidered on edge of sleeve with "Scrolling Lilies and Center" Design.
Some Designs From The Carolingian Modelbuch Geometric Triangles Lily of The Valley
Soft hat - Lily of the Valley
Catherine Howard Cuffs
Cotton Muslin Fixed Gathered Cuff.
Embroidered with my interpretation of "Catherine Howards' Cuff".
Various Giovanni Ostaus Designs Loose Scroll Thistle Clover
"Thistleclover in Color"
Celtic Knot Designs Various
"My Celtic Knot"
Golden Tudor Rose
Elizabethan - Tudor Rose Gold
Misc Acorns Tudor Rose
Elizabethan - Tudor Rose
Cherry Blossoms ----- Misc Flowers -----
Clover And Bees Grapes Misc Pomegranates
Cotton Gauze Self-ruffling Fixed Banded Cuff.
Embroidered with a "Pomegranate Acanthus" Design.

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